Andy  "The Fly Guy" - Nicklen Lake B.C.

I went fishing with my fishing buddy Dave Shepherd to Nicklen Lake. Upon arriving there I met my old friend Bill Dennis, owner of Nicklen Lake Resort and Isodore Borgeaud, owner and Chef of the Isidore's Cuisine on Main St. restaurant (located on Silver Star Mountain) and Chef Leonard Cloutier of Coldstream Meadows in Vernon and friend Allen. We all went fishing and many fish were caught and released. In the evening Chef Leonard prepared a gourmet meal on the barbeque consisting of elk and venison, vegetables and a mushroom sauce made with wild Moral mushrooms found growing in the bush near the resort. What a meal it was! The best meal prepared in the bush that I have ever had. Later we relaxed around the campfire, a truly enjoyable evening - everyone had a tremendous time.

Dave and  Isodore

Allen and Bill

Bill and Dave

Allen and Bill


Chef Len



Yummy !

Wild Moral Mushroom Sauce

Herb Tomatoes






After a great Gourmet meal we sat around the fire

with the moon shining

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