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I am a Commercial Fly Tyer
 I sell flies to Mountain Fishing Resorts and Fishing Stores around the Okanagan area

  Pictures of Fish at the bottom of this page

Below is few flies that I had tied up not all flies are on this site,
I have a lot more tied up but when i get some extra time I will put more fly pictures on.
Email me to see more flies or more info.

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Demonstrating Fly Tying at the Village Green Mall, April 99

Demonstrating Fly Tying at the Village Green Mall, April 99

Demonstrating Fly Tying at the RV Show in Vernon, Feb.2003

I received a Service Award from the Kalamalka Fly Fishers 1999

Light Spruce - Variant

Royal Wulf - Variant

Rolled Muddler

 The Guaranteed - Variant

Red Ant

Black Ant

Mikulak Sedge

Caddis Emerger

Griffith's Gnat

 Baggie Shrimp - Olive

Baggie Shrimp - Pregnant

Baggie Shrimp - Pink

Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant - Variant

Goddard Caddis  - Brown Hackle

Goddard Caddis  - Grizzly Hackle

Grizzly King - Variant - Chartreuse

Grizzly King

52 Buick

Krystal Scud

Knouff Lake Special

Madam X

 Doc Spratley - Green

 Doc Spratley - Purple

Doc Spratley - Red

 Doc Spratley - Black

 Tom Thumb - Natural

 Tom Thumb - Peacock Krystal

 Tom Thumb - Red Tail

Elk Hair Caddis


Krystal Boatman

Dragon Fly Nymph

Orange Stimulator

Yellow Stimulator

Woolly Worm - Black

Woolly Worm - Yellow

Blood Leech

Damsel Fly Nymph

Krystal Purple Gold Bead Leech

Krystal Purple Leech

Red Tipped Black Leech

Woolly Bugger - Black

Black Leech

Brown Leech

"The Brandon Special" - Peacock Krystal Red Bead Leech

Chartreuse Leech

 Egg Sucking Leech

 Hot Pink Egg Sucking Leech

Polar Chenille Red Leech

Purple Krystal Red Bead Leech

Green Krystal Leech

Peacock Krystal Bead Head Leech

Peacock Krystal Chenille Red Tip Tail Leech

Bead Head Peacock Krystal Chenille Red Tip Tail Leech

 Half Back

Gold Bead Holograph Krystal Halfback

 Halfback - Holograph Flash Back - Variant

Halfback - White - Variant

Halfback - Pink - Variant

Halfback - Red - Variant

Halfback - Green - Variant

Chromie - Red Ribbed

  Chromie - Black Ribbed

Snow Cone Chironomid

 Red Rib Snow Cone Chironomid

Egg 'n' I - Pink

Egg 'n' I - Hot Pink

Blood Worm

The Adams River Salmon Run

 In 2002 was estimated 7.5 Million Salmon

Came up the Adams River to spawn


Nice Colorful Small Brook Trout that I caught

Spawning Rainbow (was put back to spawn) Nice Colors

A small Rainbow I caught

I caught this nice 4lb Rainbow

 Nice Rainbow

I caught this 2lb Kokanee in Kalamalka Lake

2lb Kokanee - Kalamalka Lake

 3lb Rainbow

Really Small Rainbow caught with Griffith's Gnat



Smoking Fish

Smoking Fish

A 13 inch Speckled Brook Trout I caught on a Snow Cone Chironomid

5 lb Rainbow caught around Vernon by Todd Molitwenik using one of my Egg 'n' I flies

Dave Shepherd caught this nice rainbow with a bent tail

I never have seen a tail bend like that

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