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Adams River Sockeye Salmon 2010

The Sockeye Salmon battle up the both the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. 12 Km of Adams River will be the destination of millions of the returning sockeye salmon

"Can you imagine swimming 400 kilometers against a raging current, encountering thousands of obstacles along the way, not eating a bite of nourishment, with only one purpose to your journey -- to reproduce and die? Such is the fate of the Adams River sockeye salmon. The drama of reproduction is played out in exactly the same way every cycle as millions of sockeye make their way back to the gravel beds of the Adams River, the place of their birth, to spawn and die." - Adams River Salmon Society

Adam 1  Adam 2 
Adam 3  Adam 4 
Adam 5  Adam 6 
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Adam 13  Adam 14 
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Adam 17  Adam 18 
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